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Video/light installation consisting of a filmprojection of a kissing couple (3 x 4 m.) and a kinetic slide-projection of a rising moon (9 x 9 m.)

Foundation Lazy Marie, invited four artists (see logo) to place installations on a specific location in the city of Utrecht; locations that were about to be demolished or drastically changed. The timeless image of moon and couple turns the windy, concrete plain of the Vredenburg square into a decor for romance. (see overview)

As the moon rises from behind the horizontal building, the film starts on the screen. Classic black and white images of a romantic couple are filmed in a fluid rythm. When the moon reaches the top of the vertical building, in the film the cameraman climbs up a ladder and switches of the film...as well as the moon.

Duration of one cycle: 3 min.                            review (Volkskrant)    review (VrijNederland)      review (Utrechts Nieuwsblad)

Short Play for Love
© Lin de Mol 2000